The Genomic Sciences Training Program (GSTP) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is committed to increasing underrepresented minority enrollment in PhD graduate programs and to recruiting minority students into genomics research careers. To achieve the goals of enhanced recruitment, retention and training, GSTP faculty are engaged in research and outreach activities that range across grade   and training levels, and the GSTP and the University of Wisconsin-Madison offer a host of support services. Numerous programs that GSTP faculty are involved with target pre-college, undergraduate, and graduate students while offering educational tools, research opportunities and financial support. Tools already generated include genetics curriculum for classrooms, pre-college and undergraduate research opportunities including summer exchange program, financial support, and graduate school advising assistance; and graduate opportunities in cutting-edge research labs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For more information about any of these programs, please follow the links or contact the Genomic Sciences Training Program coordinator, Louise Pape,