The Genomic Sciences Training Program (GSTP) is an interdisciplinary predoctoral and postdoctoral training program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health/National Human Genome Research Institute. Additional support is provided by the UW Graduate School and the Genome Center/Biotechnology Center.

The mission of the GSTP is to train the next generation of genomicists, enabling them to gain strengths to bridge multiple disciplines needed for an integrated approach to solving complex problems in genomics research. These disciplines include chemistry, engineering, computer science, biostatistics, genetics, biochemistry, molecular medicine, and molecular biology.

Predoctoral students who are eligible for this interdisciplinary training include those in Ph.D. programs in chemistry, genetics, computer sciences, statistics, biomedical data science, biochemistry, engineering, or other computational and biological science disciplines. Currently, there are 36 different faculty trainers in 17 departments for students to choose from. All trainees will also have a secondary mentor from a complementary discipline.