Graduate Program Overview

The GSTP predoctoral traineeships are open to trainees who will work with GSTP trainers as mentors.

The predoctoral traineeships are awarded for a one-, two- or three-year period, and must take place at UW-Madison.

No individual trainee may receive more than 5 years of support at the predoctoral level, including any combination of support from institutional training grants and individual fellowship awards.

Predoctoral trainees must be U.S. citizens or hold permanent resident status.

How to Apply
For graduate students currently working in a GSTP trainer’s research lab:

  • You must be nominated by your advisor. Trainers are notified regarding deadline dates.
  • The faculty trainer nominating you must complete a predoctoral application form. [GSTP_predoc_nomin_2024]

The Training Program
The predoctoral students in the Genomic Sciences Training Program will participate in a program of interdisciplinary coursework designed to give them background in aspects of biological and physical science, chemistry, engineering, computer science, and statistics that relate to the genomic sciences. Participating students will be required to obtain basic knowledge and fundamental awareness of multidisciplinary approaches to problem definition and solving in genomic sciences from the viewpoint of the different disciplines. The GSTP Trainee Advisory Committee will review each trainee’s course curriculum and expects that approximately three courses will be taken to fulfill the core curriculum of GSTP. All trainees will also participate in a weekly GSTP seminar for the duration of their fellowship, in a one semester Scientific Ethics course, and in a genomics journal club.